Websites and Systems Development

PhoViet | Vietnamese Community and Business Portal

PhốViệt is a community and business portal catering for the Vietnamese Community in Australia specifically. Development of the project includes integration of WordPress multi-users blog, a complete build of Content Management System, business directory and an Advertising Management System.

Marketing West |

Marketing West portal receive feeds of all real estate listings from third party companies, which loads automatically into the portal. Clients/users can then search for all listings based on locations, postcodes, agents, dwelling types and for sale versus rentals.

Intranet | Zoology department | University of Melbourne

ARC Centre for Kangaroo Genomics

Developed WebQuest PHP frame work and Licensor of WebQuest PHP development framework to University of Melbourne. The BioConnect system is a web-based database system designed to record, share and manage experimental findings across different participating institutions; University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales.

Intranet | Zoology department | University of Melbourne

Zoology Department, Melbourne University

Developed an Intranet with different modules for departmental use, integrated with departmental members authentication.

Modules: Forums, News, Simple Content editing, Files sharing, Permissions based editing, Assets management, Simple Documents Control, Complete template and parsing system. Developed PHP framework for web application development, allowing low maintenance work and extensible through plug-ins of modules

Background checking | Crimtrac

Precise Background

The application is an online interactive background checking system interfacing with the police CrimTrac services.

The application manages people data require for background checking. Data is automatically encrypted via PGP public key for submission. The response data then decoded via the private key of Precise Background, and in turn converted from XML to rich format text.

Suicide prevention | Hope for Life | Living hope | The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

Hope for Life is a portal providing Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Support information. The portal also offers nline training courses.

The project includes building the portal and integrating the online courses "QPR - Question, Persuade, Refer" for suicide prevention; and "Living Hope", a Bereavement Support program. The site also integrates the payment gateway interface to Westpac and real time transaction queries.

Pharmacy temporary recruitment


Pharm-A-Temp is a recruitment management system for temps in the pharmaceutical industry. The system manages clients, locum and planner calendar. The planner allows allocation of a locum or assistant to a particular required position against a schedule which can be booked one year in advance. Job assignments can be allocate to one hour slot, repeats and multiple days of the week.

Timetable and school activities management


This projects simplifies the process of students subjects selection for their next school year. It entails complete subjects, year levels and references management and submission system.

The sytem caters for multitier authentication and activities including system admin, consultants (manage multiple schools), school administrators and students.

Suicide prevention | Hope for Life | Living hope | The Salvation Army


Designed and coded from ground up an ecommerce website taking orders for students' photographs. The system ordering system is interfaced to CommWeb's payment gateway. Real time queries using SOAP services between external and internal servers.