About Us

INOS is headed up by two old-hands who are each specialist in their fields, and together is a formidable force.


Khoi has a background in Information Technology. In one of his past lives, he worked in pre-press and publishing including newspapers and commercial arts. He has developed a keen eye over the years for details in design work.

His forte however, is in crafting architectural design for major system development. As a seasoned web developer and programmer his acute sense for understanding and making the complex simple is what has always earned him a trusted position with his clients


Vân comes from the traditional marketing and research background so has a strong foundation in conceptual thinking and analytical skills.

To this she added years of Management Consulting and Project Management experience. Her expertise is in working with multi-disciplinary teams (clients and internal) across geographical boundaries to deliver a project on time, in budget and achieving the set project goals.

Vân is a migration specialist to accompany our clients from offline to online marketing.